Scholarship for a Data Manager at the service of the Onco-haematology Pediatric Hospital JP Garrahan Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This contribution has been assigned to one of the main centers of pediatric onco-hematology of South America on the recommendation of a member of the Scientific Committee, Dr. Ira Dunkel, New York, and is mainly oriented to the support of the South American cooperative group for retinoblastoma.

Cure2Children support to the pediatric hemato-oncology service in Buenos Aires:

Mrs Julia Albajari did a superb job as a data manager for the Hemato-Oncology service at the Hospital JP Garrahan during 2010. Despite her primary responsibilities were related to the data management of the protocol GALOP (Latin American Group of Pediatric Oncology) for metastatic retinoblastoma, she also took care of the general data management of the registration of cancer patients of our service. She was granted a scholarship from the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, USA for a week of training in the POND database in Guatemala. There, she received appropriate training for the management of the POND data base that enabled her to register all pediatric oncology patients during 2009 and 2010. Since the systems are compatible, the data were directly transferred to the National Registry for Cancer in Children (ROHA) facilitating significantly the work at the registry since about 30% of all children with cancer in Argentina are diagnosed in our center. Besides taking care of the registration of all children with cancer to our service, she is in charge of the databases of retinoblastoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma where a comprehensive data set is collected including more than 100 fields for each patient.

During 2010, our center registered the first patient to the COG protocol for metastatic retinoblastoma and Julia took care of the documents to make that possible. As a background for that study, a manuscript about the results of treatment of extraocular retinoblastoma with autologous bone marrow transplantation in Uruguay, Chile and Argentina was carried out and Julia was responsible for the data management. The study is completed and the results will be presented at the upcoming ISGED (international society for genetic eye diseases) meeting in Bangalore, India in January 2011. The manuscript is in peer review at Bone Marrow Transplantation journal and the support from Cure2Children was acknowledged in the manuscript.

In summary, Julia made an outstanding job and her work made a substantial improvement in the quality of our service by the creation of a data management facility capable of complying with the requirements for international clinical trials. Her work made a contribution for the data collection for the national registry of childhood cancer.

Dr Guillermo Chantada, Hemato-Oncology Department, Hospital JP Garrahan, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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