About our Campaign

On the tine of our annual Service Learning Project in 2011, we just got worried about our Project Topic. We were not going to chose old topics but we really wanted to do something new, something totally that we all had never imagined. It was no soon, that our Cambridge Coordinator, Sir Shahbaz Anwer gave us the topic “Thalassaemia” to work upon. the topic was really new to us and we did not have any fast information about this topic. But we worked hard and tried to achieve our main objectives. After the successful accomplishment of “Blood Donation Camp” for the Thalassemia Patients we have decided to continue our Project with further renewed energies.

Thalassemia is not as simple as a disease. It is in inherited disease and the patients have two things to do about. Either they should go for Bone Marrow Transplant (very costly) or for regular blood doses. Those patients who opt for second choice receive blood  after every 20 days and the iron overload in their body has to be removed by an injection given to them 20 days a month, 7 days a week and 8 hours a day…..


Join us to aware the millions, or even to save the millions….


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